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About FBP International –The Best Australian Immigration Consultancy In Malaysia

FBP International Malaysia was established in 2015 offering a complete turnkey Australian migration and visa consultancy to all Australian migration applicants. Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced MARA registered Agents and Australian lawyers, handle complex on-shore and off-shore immigration issues and cases thoroughly and professionally. Clients can be confident and comfortable as they are handheld through the migration process by experienced Australian Immigration Agents. The team at FBP International Malaysia takes pride in their comprehensive set of Australian Migration and Migration services, delivering excellence and professionalism, serving their Malaysian clients on a daily basis for the best possible chance of success.


FBP International Malaysia’s team understands that migrating to another country is a big step for you and your family. This can be overwhelming for some people and cause stress when starting the process of migrating from Malaysia to Australia. That’s why the team at FBP International Malaysia is committed to helping you with everything you need, to ensure your migration process is a stress-free success. Australia is a popular destination for Malaysia clients, as this beautiful country has many amazing opportunities for the new migrant family.

FBP International Malaysia’s thorough and professional process starts with a FREE pre assessment migration consultation, and will take your case step-by-step until your visa for migration is granted. FBP International Malaysia’s team of MARA agents and Australian lawyer’s are specialized in all competence of Australian Immigration Procedures and Australia’s complex immigration system. This results in the team at FBP having exclusive expertise compared to other agents located in close proximity. FBP International Malaysia will guide their clients through the complex migration process to Australia for the best possible outcome for success.

To obtain a favourable migration outcome it is imperative to use the expert guidance of an Australian Immigration Lawyer and/or an RMA. This ensures that the Australian immigration advice and assistance is in connection with the appropriate legal practice. FBP International Malaysia MARA agents and Australian lawyer’s offers their clients highly affordable services and fair fee structure to helps clients accomplish their dreams of migrating and starting a new life in Australia.

FBP International Malaysia is proud to have an expert Team in Australia with over 30 years of collective experience, supervising the Malaysia office with their vast knowledge. The expertise includes having had thousands of satisfied clients globally through their skills experience in all matters of Australian migration.

A key component of the migration process is documentation clearing and forwarding services. This is where FBP International Malaysia stands out from the rest and who you can rely on for everything required to succeed in your migration to Australia. Feel confident FBP International Malaysia will be your favoured turnkey solution provider for your journey to migrating to Australia.

We provide Australian Migration and Visa consultancy for the following:

Every day at FBP International Malaysia, clients receive successful outcomes in all migration matters of EOI, ITA and visa grant letters. FBP International Malaysia is committed to achieving the dreams of their clients to secure a bright future in Australia and a premium lifestyle. This vision continues to keep going with over 1500 satisfied clients, who have already made the migration to Australia. The satisfaction of achieving success is what motivates the migration team at FBP International Malaysia on a daily basis.


With over 1500 satisfied clients, FBP International Malaysia is your team to help you on your migration journey to Australia. If you have the dream to migrate to Australia from Malaysia let FBP International Malaysia start the process for you. Call us today for a free pre-assessment appointment at +60 16 572 9441 OR click here.


  • Complex Visa Pathways to Australia
  • Access to Various Legislations, Regulations, Policies and Forms
  • Excessive Knowledge in Case Laws
  • Specialise in Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) inclusive of Court Appeals and Representation
  • Ministerial Intervention (MI)
  • Certification of Documents
  • Exclusive in the UAE to provide In-House Statutory Declaration and Affidavits

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