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FBP International Malaysia is proud to bring forth Qualifications Australia (QA) services uniquely for our clients. Thus far, FBP International Malaysia has fulfilled thousands of clients with their certifications and we continue to do so today, allowing us to help you bridge your professional and educational gaps to complete the migration to your chosen destination. QA provides clients with a way to merge your cumulative experiences with a globally recognized Australian Certificate and Transcript. We are also able to provide clients with a legitimate and internationally recognized Australian Qualification certificate.


    Benefits of Qualifications Australia

    Australia is a highly competitive destination, which makes it an ideal destination for many individuals and families as it promises a secure future with a lavish lifestyle.

    After aligning your professional work experience with AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) through Qualifications Australia, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • Align your overseas qualifications and professional work experiences with Australian Qualification Framework requirements
    • No need to attend any classes or trainings if you have valid and verifiable professional work experience
    • Meet the Australian industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community education criteria
    • Meet national quality assurance requirements
    • Increase your employment opportunities in Australia with a secure career progression
    • Meet the qualification standards which may be a pre-requisite for Australian employment where overseas qualification may not be accepted
    • Get qualifications that have worldwide acceptance and recognition within 4 months
    • Qualify for better wages and renumeration packages in Australia as compared to those with overseas qualifications

    The biggest benefit is that a recognized Australian certification entitles you for extra points when you lodge your application for any of the PR Visas that follow a points system. Qualifications Australia takes up your case if you have valid work experience and our experts customize your application for the Australian Qualification Framework so that your overseas education and experience is given a fitting parallel educational certification.

    Click here to contact us for a Qualifications Australia expert and let’s get you certified to bridge your gaps and make your Australian migration hassle-free!

    Steps to acquire Australian Certifications

    Qualifications Australia is a detailed and transparent 6 step process to receive an internationally renowned Australian Certification. These steps are always designed as such to allow our clients to be informed on the pre-screening and course selections until the delivery of the Certification.

    The Stepwise breakdown is as under:

    STEP 1

    This is the first step towards your recognized Australian qualification. At this stage, your overseas qualifications and professional work experience will be assessed by our experts. After the assessment is complete, you will be provided with a list of trade and/ or non-trade courses to choose from.

    STEP 2

    Syllabus Auditing
    After you select the course that matches your education and professional work profile from the list provided, you will now vet the certification syllabus and audit the course work. The course work and syllabus of your selection will be in-line with your overseas qualifications and professional experience

    STEP 3

    At this point you will sign up with Qualifications Australia for moving the application forward aligning your current overseas qualifications and professional work experience. Qualifications Australia will dedicate a case officer who will keep you updated on the process and will remain in touch regarding any documentation and attestation needs.

    STEP 4

    Documents Checklist
    Now you will follow the checklist provided here and arrange all the documentations as per the list. Your case officer will be guiding you through the process.

    STEP 5

    This is the stage where Qualifications Australia submits your application to relevant Australian authorities to seek your certification. After the application is scrutinized by the Australian authorities, you will be informed regarding the decision via your case manager.

    STEP 6

    Receive Australian Recognised Qualifications
    This is the point where you receive your recognized Australian certification. You can now apply for the General skilled migration PR visa or enhance your resume with a valid and globally recognized qualification credential.

    FBP International Malaysia can help its clients achieve and the fill the gaps in their Qualifications. FBP International Malaysia can enable QA services and make possible globally recognized and accredited Australian Certifications and Transcripts for you. If you would like to place an enquiry for this service please Click here.


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